Band members April Michelle and Shane Breon met online back in 2008 and quickly discovered each other's passion for music and decided to start collaborating as a two-piece duo. Both members came from very different musical backgrounds which they have been able to use to their advantage by mixing their own styles to create a unique sound.

Michelle began writing songs in her early teens with just lyrics and melodies since she didn't own any instruments, and due to being homeschooled, it was nearly impossible for her to meet others who shared her passion for music. Her dad was a fairly successful musician who played in a country band in MI, but she grew up with her mom in TX who had zero interest in music of any kind. Michelle's strongest suit is her honest and blunt style of writing, which helps make her lyrics more relatable to others.

Breon was raised around a wide variety of music and grew a love for classical and blues. He started playing drums in his early teens and formed his first band with his brother and highschool friend. In college, he decided to pursue music full-time and got his degree in music theory where he learned to play guitar. Around the same time, Michelle was also just starting to play guitar where he became her mentor.

The band continued playing shows acoustically as a two-piece around town for several years and began producing their own music where they were able to add the missing elements that they had always envisioned their songs having back when the songs were written. In 2014, the duo was introduced to experienced rhythm and blues bassist, Ryan Brehm who was a fan of their sound and quickly became a member of the group.

The group released their first EP in 2016 "Subscription To Misery" which was a combination of pop/punk and rock with a good mix of both happy and dark where there's a song for almost any mood. One of the songs that resonates most with the band out of any other songs they've written thus far is "Undeserving Fate", which was written about one of their good friends who was also an inspiring musician, Heather Nicole who lost her life from a car accident in her early 20's. Michelle also wrote a couple of songs about a relationship she had with a guy that just ended abruptly without any explanation - one from a darker perspective (Your Eyes Won't Tell) and another with a positive spin and some much-needed attitude (Koo-laid). The title track of the album "Subscription to Misery" was actually about a close friendship that had turned sour while Michelle was still living with said friend but the two were no longer speaking. Michelle did the only thing she knew to help lighten the situation, which was to write her thoughts down on paper and find a way to laugh at the situation. This, unfortunately, didn't help salvage the friendship, but the song became a hit!

Around the time that "Subscription to Misery" was released, Michelle's boyfriend Brian Heckler started playing percussion with the band live since they were still in search for a drummer who would be a good fit.

The band began writing and recording new material in 2017 with the intention of starting a new album when Michelle started experiencing vocal issues where half of her high range was completely out and she learned that he had LPR (silent reflux). They decided to take a break from music while Michelle focused on her health and vocal recovery, but continued recording and producing music off and on while her voice was able to perform.

In February of 2020, the band finally finished their first full-length album "Live in Misery", as a sequel to "Subscription to Misery" which they feel is some of their best work yet. The album has a slightly new feel from their previous work, but still has catchy melodies and emotionally driven lyrics. Many of the songs that are featured on the alum were originally written over a decade ago by Michelle and Breon, and modernized for the bands' new sound.

The title track "Live in Misery" was written about Michelle's mother who persistently chooses to focus on the negativity in the world and try to burden others with the decisions that she has made which has put a great strain on their relationship. The songwriter also got deep and personal in her songs "Control" and "Out of Control" which were both written about a decade ago when she was struggling heavily with depression, anxiety and panic attacks which kept her from performing for months at a time.

The band is currently rehearsing for their upcoming tour to promote the new album so be on the lookout for tour dates!